Hello, Nothingness

A computer algorithm has prompted me to write my first post. At this point, the task of establishing a website appears so daunting that I doubt anyone will ever read this. I might liken it to us blasting the works of Bach into outer space, in hopes that extraterrestrials might hear it someday. (No, I don’t know what “someday” means in the context of outer space).

Fine, impersonal algorithm! Here’s an article! Would you like more? Fine! A, an, the! I hope you’re happy!

Are the odds of anyone ever reading this unfathomably low? Yes! But nonetheless, does this article irrefutably exist? I must again answer yes! Thus, with the tenacious audacity that seems peculiar to humanity, I fling my presence into the gaping maw of the unknown! Fly on, brave article! Carry your vapid message to the ends of the universe! I know that when I am gone, and I stop paying for this domain, you will continue on, stored and cataloged in an obscure Russian database, less than a grain of sand on the beaches of Hawaii, but still, beyond a doubt– in existence.

One thought on “Hello, Nothingness

  1. I do like “Hello, Nothingness: Ode of One Screaming in a Void.” It really does touch me – possibly in a suspicious manner. I have never seen such a confessedly vapid article be so bold in proclaiming its existence and vapidity. Maybe it goes so deep into realms of inanity as to become profound again. Maybe.
    Then again, what does that suggest about the reply to such an article? Best not to consider it.

    I could mention something about “actualization woman,” but I’ll leave that reference alone for now.


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