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Nature Is Incomplete.

I recently found myself standing in the midst of a forest full of redwoods and feeling oddly uncomfortable. Surrounded by rare giants, some of whom had fallen and some whom were still proudly displaying their two-thousand-year-old glory, I didn’t feel quite as I ought to have. At another time of life not so long ago, … Continue reading Nature Is Incomplete.

The Quintessence of Dust

My intent in writing this point is twofold: first, to humbly remind my friends that we are engaged in a brutal war on two different fronts, and second, just to offer some simple thoughts on the nature of the conflict. Political Warfare: We are engaged in a great political war. Donald Trump, the unapologetic nationalist, … Continue reading The Quintessence of Dust

Who Was Charles Carroll?

In his recent address to American Catholics, President Trump began, “From the very beginning of our Republic, Catholics have uplifted and enriched our nation beyond measure. Catholics like Charles Carroll helped secure American Independence.” Who was Charles Carroll? Born in 1737, Carroll would become the only Roman Catholic signee of the Declaration of Independence.


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