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A Eulogy for Tim Gilland

In the summer of 2019, I worked for the Shoshone National Forest as an ATV ranger. The job consisted of riding an ATV on the forest’s motorized trails, making visitor contacts, checking permits, and maintaining and marking the trails. My coworker was Tim Gilland, a Wyoming native who had recently moved back to his home … Continue reading A Eulogy for Tim Gilland

Emotions as Self-Justifying

This week, I have been contemplating an emotional phenomenon that I have seen in people of my generation: the justification of one’s actions based upon an idea of positive emotion as self-justifying. The principle would be something like this: Positive Emotions are a) indicators of happiness i.e. they arise from contact with people/places/things that will … Continue reading Emotions as Self-Justifying

A Student’s Frustration and Confusion

In my recent studies, I have been dogged by a concern that I have had from the start of my undergraduate years: why is it that those who have presumably learned the most—those with PhDs or other intellectually high positions—seem incapable of writing or speaking in a manner comprehensible to plain persons? Rather than continue … Continue reading A Student’s Frustration and Confusion


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