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A Student’s Frustration and Confusion

In my recent studies, I have been dogged by a concern that I have had from the start of my undergraduate years: why is it that those who have presumably learned the most—those with PhDs or other intellectually high positions—seem incapable of writing or speaking in a manner comprehensible to plain persons? Rather than continue … Continue reading A Student’s Frustration and Confusion

MacIntyre’s Concept of Inter-Tradition Conflict

During my recent reading of the prologue to the third edition of Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue, I realized that I had never, either for others’ education or my own, written down my own understanding of MacIntyre’s process of arbitration between rival traditions of rational inquiry. Since that process is central to MacIntyre’s project and I … Continue reading MacIntyre’s Concept of Inter-Tradition Conflict

Let’s Give Sense-Perception its Due: When Dialogue Might be Unnecessary or Harmful

Any graduate of Wyoming Catholic College is familiar with the scene from Augustine’s Confessions in which he and his mother Monica converse “in the presence of Truth, which You [Christ] are, what the eternal life of the saints could be like, which eye has not seen nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the … Continue reading Let’s Give Sense-Perception its Due: When Dialogue Might be Unnecessary or Harmful

Podcast Alert!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the inaugural episode of our podcast, Lander’s Forge: The Upper Room. If you want to hear the boys talk all about automated strike zones or “friendsgiving,” (it’s more interesting than it sounds), click below or look us up on your preferred streaming platform. Stay tuned for more … Continue reading Podcast Alert!


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