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A Man For Our Season

In the preface to his play, A Man for All Seasons, Robert Bolt explains his motivation for choosing Thomas More as his hero. He describes an inability in the people of his time to answer the question of what and who they are. The individual is dissatisfied with defining himself as a Man because he … Continue reading A Man For Our Season

The Role of a Doctor as Explored by Solzhenitsyn in The Cancer Ward

Dr. Anthony Fauci has become a household name in the past year. Currently Chief Medical Advisor to the president, he’s served as the president of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. He has been among the leaders of governmental responses to several crises such as the ebola epidemic, SARS, HIV/AIDS, swine … Continue reading The Role of a Doctor as Explored by Solzhenitsyn in The Cancer Ward

Just a Video Game

One of my bad habits is gaming. That habit is intimately connected to the holidays, as it is for many men of my generation. Those born anywhere from the late 70’s to the present likely grew up in a household with a game console or pc (usually given at Christmas) which could run games. That … Continue reading Just a Video Game

A Tolerant Library

In today’s day and age we hear a lot about tolerance, how not to be offensive, the evils of racism and sexism. But it wasn’t until I began working at the local public library that I realized just how bad it has gotten. In the past I have worked on crews that in Orwell’s world … Continue reading A Tolerant Library


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