MacIntyre’s Concept of Inter-Tradition Conflict

During my recent reading of the prologue to the third edition of Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue, I realized that I had never, either for others' education or my own, written down my own understanding of MacIntyre's process of arbitration between rival traditions of rational inquiry. Since that process is central to MacIntyre's project and I … Continue reading MacIntyre’s Concept of Inter-Tradition Conflict

Are you secretly Libertarian… AND Catholic? (Part 3)

Thick vs. Thin Libertarianism The difference between thick and thin libertarianism hinges on answering the question - is libertarianism only a political philosophy, or can it be, for instance, a moral philosophy as well? Does it only answer political questions, or moral questions as well? I advocate for thin libertarianism, a libertarianism that answers the … Continue reading Are you secretly Libertarian… AND Catholic? (Part 3)